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Transportation Services

Foxy Pet Movers is operating a 19-passenger aircraft in partnership with Several Airlines. Using the pets plane to transport with the seats removed to carry up to 50 cars and other good such as Motorcycles, boats, vans, bicycles just to name a few per flight. Despite economic hard times for most U.S. businesses, the airline expects to add service to Boston later this year and expand into 25 cities and 10 countries within two years.

Pet Safe Transport AGENCY International is recognized as one of the best automobile agents in the country and world wide. The secret of our success is our unwavering commitment to provide quality services to each of our clients. Since our humble beginning, we have grown into one of the best travel management companies in the world. The secret behind our success is our commitment to quality customer service and our investment in innovative technology to find the lowest costs and provide our customers with the best possible service.

Air Transport


PlanesTo achieve our commitment to providing the best travel service to our clients we use our experience and network to find the best services available in different destination to reach our customers. In addition, we have made a considerable investment in innovative technologies that help us deliver timely, safely, and find the best prices at each location, activity and product.

- Consolidated air shipments
- Direct air shipments
- Next-flight shipments
- Charters
- Oversize shipments
- Packing and crating
- Perishable commodities
- Dangerous goods
- Combined aerial-maritime transport

The service we offer includes extensive expedition status monitoring, as well as the control and loading confirmation on a case by case basis.Pet Safe Transport AGENCY has been granted the IATA certificate aerial pets transport.

We invite you to learn more about our packages and services here on our website. Contact us if you have any additional questions.

Logistics and Storage

LogisticsTo offer a full logistics service, Pet Safe Transport AGENCY has storage areas in the principal logistic areas of the world that allow the worry free possibility of importing or exporting, including the processing of any customs papers, as in for example:

- Receipt of shipping of pets ( Foxy Pet Movers AGENCYis an authorized receiver and shipper for importation and exportation.)

- Shipping of pets with special taxes and temporary storage facility within customs.

- The buying and selling of products for export without VAT and triangular operations of buying/selling to foreigners.

PET Insurance

Pet InsurensePET insurance covers the damages that a pets shipment may incur during transport. Depending on the way that the goods are to be shipped and the countries involved in the shipping, Foxy Pet Movers can advise you regarding the best type of insurance for your cargo .

Oskar Schunck is the insurance company used by Pet Safe Transport AGENCY, the company with the most experience in the contractual responsibility transport branch ,cargo insurance, and logistics. These are some of their most requested products:

- Contractual responsibility insurance
- pets insurance
- Vehicles/fleets, including transport of dangerous goods
- Civil responsibility of products
- General civil and environmental responsibility
- Fire risk and electronic damage

Remember that to minimize damage to your shipment it is important that the pets is properly packaged or packed according to its necessities. Allow us to package your pets or ask us for the best way to do it.


Quality Service

Pet Safe Transport provides top quality transportation assistance to individuals and institutions that need to relocate their pet anywhere in the world


Best Rates

Pet Safe Transport offers you the best rates in pet transportation. Our partnership with major airlines, you can not go to the counter and beat our price. By using us as your pet transportation service you can save BIG BUCKS!!!


Pet Shipping

We schedule our trips around the needs of your pets. Pet Safe Transport can transport a manageable amount of pet at one time and we are on constant call anywhere they may be in the continental United States. Please give as much notice as possible so that we can work our schedule with yours.


Air Transport

We at Pet Safe Transport are not an airline or carrier, but we work with transportation agents around the world to create customized travel arrangements for your pets. Ranging from pet to packages, we arrange safe, comfortable, expedient transport and delivery of your goods to their final destinations.